Meet Lucyne

Hello, My name is Lucyne and I am co-founder of Heart Fire Hub. 

I have devoted seventeen years of my life to guiding people to look within, listening to the whispers of their heart and healing their relationship with themselves.

I am a certified Psychotherapist and have worked in addiction treatment centres, with groups and individuals for many years.

I am a certified Breath worker, Sound Healer, Intuitive Counsellor and Shamanic Seer and I combine these modalities into individual treatments and workshops.

I have divided my time between London and Costa Rica over the last 2 years. In Costa Rica I worked at Rythmia Life Advancement Centre combining Breath work, Sound healing and Shamanic work.

I encourage compassionate self honesty and help to empower my clients to connect to their own inner wisdom.

I'm very happy to be sharing the gifts that have inspired, humbled and transformed me along the way. 


Meet Kat Drake

Hello , I'm Kat, co -founder of Heart Fire Hub.

I am a sacred singer with a passion for bringing people’s voices and souls together through singing songs from all over the world. Classically trained with a Masters in Music Leadership from the Guildhall, I bring a wealth of workshop-leading experience to the groups I work with. From leading music workshops in orphanages in the West Bank to performing with a samba band in Argentina, my own musical journey has been richly varied.

Since 2013 I have been the Musical Director of Kanga Yoga, exploring the synergy of music and yoga practices. I fascilitate groups at Heart Fire Hub and combine the therapeutic power of sound healing with the transcendental and joyful practice of devotional singing.